justin & his hoodies give me life.


If ur a cute pop punk boy and u wanna date me let me know



Fuck nudes can someone rich leak their bank account information because a bitch is trying to go back to school




dogs deserve to live forever

And humans don’t?

absolutely not

Preference #450 Silent I Love You's

  1. Harry: There in the middle of the night when he’s come in late from the studio and you’re already curled in a tight ball and wrapped loosely in one of his sweaters. It’s when his fingers trace over the side of your bare thigh as his lips travel over your neck, letting you know that he’s home – he’s there with you and he loves you – loves you now and will love you in the morning and he’ll love you in five and ten years. His fingers do the talking that his brain can’t keep up with.
  2. Niall: It’s after a long night of fighting when doors have been slammed and locked and tears have been shed. He finds you curled around an old pillow in the spare bedroom where you’ve secluded yourself after he’d made a comment about the amount of work he does and you don’t. And yet all he can think about is the swirling of thoughts wrapped around… you. If you’re okay, if you’re sleeping well, if you’ll still love him in the morning.
  3. Louis: Nothing is ever silent around Louis until you’re tucked under his arm at the end of the night with glasses of wine placed in front of you on the living room table. Yet these times – at night when you’re tired and a little tipsy he’s quiet, tracing his finger on your arm and rubbing his nose against the side of your cheek. There is no words and no verbal ‘I love you’ but it’s there ghosting over the side of your face and throughout your body.
  4. Liam: He’s been going all night, rambling from his buzz from the show and the anticipation for the upcoming days of tours that they’ve all been egging for. He hasn’t stopped talking about the stage, the jokes, the new dance moves Louis has made up and yet when he gets you alone and pressed against the wall at the hotel there isn’t a word leaving his lips. He can’t stop his head from swimming because all the sudden his head is just you you you.
  5. Zayn: It’s the breakfast when you wake up on a Sunday morning and he’s finally home from tour, the bacon sizzling and the toast a little bit burnt. There isn’t anything better. You let his trace his lips over the dark marks that he’s made sure to leave the night before – because eventually he’ll be leaving again soon and he wants them to stay as prominent as possible – so that he doesn’t have to speak the words but lets them be seen instead.


*goes up to a straight couple* so who’s the silly rabbit and who’s the cinnamon apple?


that moment when one of your favs unfollow you

but you guys he clOSES HIS EYES (+)